Tips for Finding Jobs in the Supply Chain Industry

There are many job opportunities available in the supply chain industry. All you have to do is grab that opportunity. However, there will be other people who will also be gunning for the same job as you. Therefore, it is important for you to have an effective supply chain job search strategy. Here are some tips for applying for a job in the supply chain industry.

Set your goal

What is the goal you are trying to achieve? What are your action plans? How will you monitor results? Ask yourself these questions. When setting your goal, you should also identify potential employers. You can check out business websites like LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor, among others. Once you have completed your list, see if any of your friends work at your target companies and ask them if they could recommend you or pass along your resume. This could yield tremendous results for your job search.

Monitor your progress

As you continue your job search, your target employers will constantly evolve, so make sure you monitor everything. Keep in mind some metrics such as the ratio of interviews to offers and job applications to interviews, and others. This way, you will be able to determine the best results and adjust your action plan accordingly.

Optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile

As you explore the supply chain job market, you will realize that your resume and LinkedIn profile can greatly help market your qualification to employers. This makes it essential that you optimize it for the supply chain sector. Your target is to generate a “positive response” from your target audience. You would want your resume to highlight your most important skills and experience that are relevant to the supply chain industry.

Automate your job search

Searching for supply chain-related jobs on different job boards can be draining. Instead of searching for them, let the jobs come to you. Set up email job alerts that will come to your inbox depending on the criteria you configured.

Follow up

Businesswoman calling over the phoneSo, you have already applied to supply chain jobs. Now, what is next for you? Of course, you would want to check and follow up about the status of your applications. While it can be intimidating, you can increase your chances of getting hired if you take the extra mile of reaching out to them. You would want to separate yourself from the other applicants and being persistent is one of the ways you can do so.

Engage with recruiters

Supply chain recruiters focus in different areas, so you might want to reach out to those who focus in your target area. Send them your resume or connect with them through social networking sites like LinkedIn.

Follow these tips, and you will be on your way to finding the right supply chain job for you. Assess your skill sets and find the job that best suits you. Keep in mind that it is not just you who needs to be a fit for the company; the company also needs to be the right fit for you, as well.

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