Let Me Out: 3 Reasons You Need a Lawyer for Your Timeshare Cancellation

While it is true that contracts are legally binding documents, that doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely no way for you to cancel them. In specific cases, it’s possible to cancel a contract, especially if it was a fraud or was signed by mistake. An individual who’s feeling the heavy burden of a contract may also terminate it for specific reasons (other than breach).

As for timeshares, you have to take note of the rescission phase. This is the cooling off period that lets you cancel the contract and get back your deposit. While the proponents of timeshare ownerships make you believe that their contract is non-cancellable, you can actually get rid of it by selling, donating, or transferring it.

Regardless of the exit strategy you chose, however, you have to know that handling the transfer — whether to someone you know or to a third party, like those in listing companies — should be done smoothly. You wouldn’t want to fall into more expenses, as you figure out that your transfer was done illegally or not done at all, right?

What if You Want Out Now?

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When things turn problematic for your timeshare, you need to know the best steps to take. Whether it’s a contract cancellation or dispute, you must be smart in dealing with the problem. To make sure you do it right, it pays to get yourself a timeshare attorney. Here is a quick look at the reasons you need timeshare lawyer services in situations like these.


Timeshare law can be quite complicated for common people. A lot of people get confused with it because the regulations involved vary from one state to another, plus the idea and concept can be hard to understand. In essence, timeshare contracts are a legally binding obligation. It takes expertise to prove invalidity in case you need to cancel it. This is why it pays to hire lawyer services with knowledge and experience in the local field.

Multiple Parties

Timeshare contracts usually involve a number of people, meaning there is plenty of room for disputes and disagreements between parties. In this case, you need proper representation so that your best interests are protected. A qualified timeshare lawyer will help you prepare for potential concerns that may arise, while making sure you are protected from liability.


A lawyer will serve as your best barrier against potentially misleading timeshare developer and other people with ill motives. Collection agents coming very often can make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes harassed. In addition, scammers and frauds are out there promising you quick help, but will only worsen you situation later. With a legal representative at your side, there is less reason to be stressed and worried.

As soon as you sense there is something not right with your timeshare, it pays to get a timeshare attorney to work for you. Quick action is very important in times like this. The sooner you get legal service, the better position you will be in fighting for your right and getting out of your timeshare.

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