Understand Hardware Before Shopping Computer Sales

In this incredible video, each hardware component of a computer is displayed and explained using photography and 3D rendering. This video gives the viewer an inside and magnified look at the components, and provides thorough descriptions of their utility. Anyone looking to understand computers better, and especially people wanting to buy and assemble their own CPU, can learn a lot from this presentation.

The video shows much more than you could see yourself even if you took apart a computer. For example, it shows the central processing unit, or brain of the computer, and then opens it up and shows what’s inside of it, highlighting and magnifying each part.

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The motherboard, with its thousands of parts, is shown next, and the presenter explains the importance of the chipset. As explained with a diagram, the central processing unit and chipset are connected to every component of the computer. The video goes on to talk about the CPU cooler, power supply, graphics card and more.

If you watch this video, you will be much more educated next time you shop computer sales. You will know what each piece of hardware does, and whether it matches the requirements of your project. Many of us use computers every day without questioning what’s inside the computer, and how everything together makes it run. This video is great for anyone curious about computers, but especially buyers and sellers.

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