Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Corporate Motivational Speaker

Most individuals need to be motivated to do what they need and want to in life. When your employees are undergoing training, they definitely need some form of encouragement along the way. This is when inspirational speakers come in. Motivational speakers can help employees realize the importance of their contribution to the company and that the hard work they do is not without appreciation and value. Anyone can speak in front of the crowd as long as they have the confidence, but not everyone can say the right words at the right time. Ask yourself these questions when thinking of whom to hire as a motivational speaker before you make any final choices:

What Needs to Be Said?

The person you will hire as a speaker needs to be acquainted with your company’s core values since these are what your work ethics revolve around. Professional speakers usually have their own unique flavor on how they tell a story or motivate their listeners, so try to get a little background information on them. Check their profile or any demo videos that they have online to gauge their capabilities. Consider those who can convey your message while also having charisma and entertainment value that will fit your event’s audience.

Who Needs to Listen?

A speaker can look and sound good, but his or her style may not suit the audience. You will also need to consider what your employees are like as well as what kind of people they will listen to. Surely, you may have a good motivator onstage, but if he or she is not the type the audience will listen to, then the message will count for nothing.

What’s the Verdict?

Audience clapping during a talkOnce you’ve decided on potential candidates, try experiencing their brand of motivational speaking first-hand. Sometimes, how they look on video or describe themselves in their profiles can be different from what they are like in person. Set up appointments to spend time and talk to the people you feel would be perfect for the job. This is also an opportunity to orient them about what you want them to focus on as motivating factors for your training or seminar.

What’s the Damage?

“If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” This is true even with professional speakers as they also make a living out of encouraging people to stay focused and driven for success. Knowing their price range in the early planning stage of your event can help you allocate the budget necessary to ensure that the event stays well-organized. Also, consider enlisting the services of expert and reputable agencies. For example, if you need an athlete as your speaker, you can try booking with a trustworthy sports speakers agency. They can help you with price negotiations and also the possible selections for your speaker.

Remember the Spartans from the movie “300”? They knew that their mission would send them to their deaths, but they pressed on because of their leader’s ability to rally and inspire his troops. The right motivational speaker can give your people the words that they need to hear to encourage them in the workplace and in life. This can be a long-lasting impression that will be mutually beneficial for them and your company.

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