How Much Should You Pay for Asphalt Driveway Repair in Salt Lake City?

The average rate for fixing a damaged asphalt paving in Salt Lake City costs almost $2 per square foot. You can expect to spend around $400 for repairs on a 215-square foot driveway.

Homeowners should hire a contractor as soon as they notice cracks or other visible marks on the pavement, which can easily develop into bigger problems if left unresolved. You should expect to spend at least $1,400 for professional repairs, but the actual price can be three times more expensive when you’ve postponed repairs for too long.

When Should You Schedule Repairs?

While immediate repairs are ideal, there’s a recommended time for fixing damaged asphalt pavements. You shouldn’t schedule an appointment during cold or rainy weather because the asphalt mix needs a hot temperature to achieve proper temperature. Hence, you should try to call a professional during the summer or spring.

Water damage often causes cracks and scratches on asphalt driveways, so repairs should be done during dry weather. As water seeps into the asphalt base, it oxidizes the foundation that leads to brittleness. You shouldn’t just apply sealants as a first-aid solution. It will only work as intended when a contractor has fixed all known problems with your driveway, but asphalt sealing shouldn’t be done right away.

Is Sealing Necessary?

Sealants for newly repaired asphalt driveways aren’t recommended because there is a lot of surface oil that prevents proper bonding. Residential driveways only need a single coat of sealant, which saves you money. On average, asphalt sealing costs around $450. You can spend as low as $135 for one-car driveways.

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Can You Install Asphalt Over an Old Pavement?

It’s possible to install asphalt for driveways without removing the existing surface, as long as there are no serious cracks. The only disadvantage, however, involves a higher height from adding another layer. You should check first if installing new asphalt on old driveways can affect the flooring space for gates, fences and garage floors.

You’ll have no choice but to remove the old driveway when it has too much wear and tear. The contractor will lay at least four inches of asphalt mix directly on the soil after removing the existing pavement. Most homeowners prefer to remove their old driveways and pave on the aggregate base.

It can be tedious to strip the old pavement to reveal the soil underneath, but simply adding another layer over an old surface doesn’t seem right for some people. The aggregate-base technique resembles some of the work for the first two options, except that it involves other materials. The usual method involves at least six inches of aggregate base laid under three inches of asphalt mix.

Preventive Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance will primarily determine how soon you’ll need to repair your driveway again. Aside from applying sealants, ask the contractor about the best use for crack fillers and patches for asphalt.

You should ask for quotes from at least three different contractors to compare rates. When done properly, repairs for an asphalt driveway can increase the resale value of your home by almost $320.

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