Want to Be an Expert? All It Takes Is 45 Minutes a Day

If you are a jobseeker, chances are you have read several job postings looking for specialists in every imaginable field. There is the data management specialist UK companies are looking for or the social media specialist that digital marketing firms are searching for, as well.

It seems that almost every company in the world is looking for a specialist or an expert on something. But seeing that you are busy looking for a job, you think to yourself that you do not have the time to be an expert on anything.

Except that you have the time. According to experts, you only need to spend 20 hours learning about something in order for you to become an expert on that subject matter, or at least become proficient enough in it.

And you do not have to practice for 20 hours straight. You only need to spend 45 minutes every day trying to learn a new skill. When your 20 hours have been completed, you will likely be an expert on that matter.

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Set your target

To start off, the first thing that you should do is to set a target for yourself. If you want to be a digital graphic artist, for example, you should set a target, like learning Adobe Photoshop in 20 hours.

Once you have come up with a target, the next thing to do is to break down the steps so that you will have a clear path on how to become an expert. Taking the same example, you can start by choosing which program to use. After choosing Adobe Photoshop, start learning the basic commands.

Research on your subject

You should also try to learn as much as you can about the subject you are focused on. Go to a library and try to read as much literature on Adobe Photoshop. You should also go online because there are thousands of information there, as well, but be wary of some sites. Not all online sites that claim to be an expert on something are true experts.

Also, learn as much as you can but do not let your research hinder you from honing your skills. You should allot only a couple of hours learning about your subject. If you spend more time reading, you are not exactly perfecting your skill.

Remove all distractions

It is important to set your environment to be conducive to learning because one distraction will derail you from honing your skill. So, turn off your mobile phone, laptop, TV, and sound system so that you can focus on practising your skill.

This also means that you should clear your head from any distractions. Since you only need 45 minutes a day to practice your skill, try not to think about work, your friends, your family, or the upcoming Coldplay concert you are dying to go to.

Clear your mind and just focus on the task at hand, and you will see that you will be able to hone your skills much better.

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