Categories of Brand Positioning Models

Many things work in harmony to guarantee the success of your company. One of these is the brand position. Brand positioning refers to the way you set up your brand to communicate and connect with your target market. This is a delicate process, which will define the relevance of your products and services for as long as you remain in business.

Most people assume that the services of a branding agency based in Dallas end once you are on solid footing. This is, however, erroneous thinking since there are efforts employed by the agencies to guarantee that your brand remains in top positions. Here are some of the brand positioning models used by experts to get your brand to the top and maintain its position:

Benefit Positioning Model

This is the oldest brand positioning model. Your primary strategy is to highlight the most powerful attributes of your service and product to the end user. The benefit positioning model is based on the USP or unique selling point concept. Some machine manufacturers have for instance used this model to build their brand’s position as producers of machines that will never need repair or will require fewer repair works.

Price or Value Positioning Model

There are two methods of approaching a price or value positioning model. You can use the high-end tack wherein you exploit the psychological belief that quality products and services are expensive. Alternatively, you can position your brand as a value-priced provider of the highest quality products and services. Some companies have used this approach to offer free goods and services with their products and they flourish as their competitors struggle.

Process-Led Positioning Model

The methods of processing your products and delivering services might not differ much from those of your competitors. The unique methods you use in delivering your product and service might give you a competitive advantage over other businesses. Trademarked and difficult-to-duplicate products and services are some of the strategies that apply the process-led positioning model.

Infrastructure-Led Positioning Model

Time and location are powerful driving forces in marketing. You can use the infrastructure-led positioning model to position your brand as one that will be there when the client needs it most. Credit cards that are accepted in many locations, emergency car services, and businesses with a global reach are among the ones that have applied the infrastructure-led positioning model.

Lifestyle-Based Positioning Model

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This model uses an image to position your products and services. Lifestyle-based positioning is applied within specific niches more so those dealing with luxury products, such as jewelry, cars, and apparel. The strategies used in this model are designed to create appeal towards a specific market.

Brand positioning might be the single element that determines whether your business makes it past its initial year and how long you remain in operation. That said, choosing the best model for your product or service is highly important. You will work with your branding agency for a long time to guarantee your business’s success. Make sure you choose the right agency.

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