What Does Your Garden Reveal About Your Personality?

Aren’t we always looking to impress our guests? Don’t we love using the good china when guests come over to dine? Don’t we try to impress them with our home’s interior? But there’s one other thing that we shouldn’t forget about when we design and maintain our homes. It’s the garden. This is the first thing guests will notice when they arrive at your home. That alone makes the garden an important attraction point of any property.

A reliable arborist in Salt Lake City will likely advise you on what trees you should grow in your garden. You’re lucky if you have a yard to grow big trees. But if you have only a small patch of land for the garden, you won’t be able to take care of those large oak trees that make any property look elegant and almost whimsical.

But really, what does a garden say about the homeowner? Those who cannot take care of a garden or lawn tend to move to an apartment or condominium building. Others pave the whole lawn with concrete because this is easier to clean and maintain. Since this is the first thing that people will notice when they go to your house, you should take a lot of time planning what to grow in the garden.

Topiary and Water Fountains

Most beginners will grow plants and shrubs first before moving on to topiary and water fountains. The fact that your garden has these means that you’ve been doing this for a long time now. Also, it says that you have the money to design and maintain your garden. Topiary and water fountains are expensive. You can only usually find them in larger and more expensive properties. Count yourself lucky if you have the skills to install these on your own. The labor fees alone will cost hundreds of dollars.


growing herbs

If you are growing an herb garden, it shows that you are conscious about the food that you eat. You want to be the one to take of what you put in your meals. You want to make sure that the herbs and other vegetation are free from pesticides and insecticides. You live an active lifestyle. You are health conscious. You might even be a vegan or a vegetarian.


A succulent garden means that the homeowner doesn’t have time to maintain a regular garden. Succulents are the easiest types of plants to grow. They don’t require much of your time. They thrive well without regular exposure to sunlight and water. These are the perfect plants to grow for people who do not have the time but would want a garden at home.


Growing differently colored flowers takes a lot of time. This means that the homeowner took the time to research what flowers can grow together. It shows that you are spending a lot of time cultivating these plants and flowers. It also reflects your personality—both your inner self and your growth as a budding gardener.

Spring is just around the corner. That means that gardeners—whether amateurs or professionals—will don their straw hats once more and work their magic. This is the best time to redesign your garden according to how you feel and how you want your guests to perceive you.

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