Landscaping Ideas to Do During the Summer

For any homeowner, caring for the lawn and developing the backyard is a necessary chore. It may not be a part of the house, which is normally seen by outsiders, but it is also where some entertaining could be done.

There are a lot of things that could be done to develop the backyard. Planting trees or landscaping is just one option. Consider the following options when landscaping the backyard.

1. Place some native plants.

Native plants often need less watering compared to other exotic plant species, and this can save a homeowner thousands of dollars each year. These native plants are perfect for summer and the rest of the year.

2. Put some structure.

For your summer landscaping project, you can add some structure by placing plants in your garden. For instance, use boxwood hedges for an eye-catching lawn that makes for a great foil of colorful plants.

If you dislike the whole hedge look, you can use small shrubs or trees with distinct shapes like the contorted white pine or the bark-like Amur cherry.

3. Add a water feature.

Adding some water feature to your landscape, such as a cool pond or mesmerizing fountain makes for an interesting garden. A small water feature can create a huge impact on your garden, according to many lawn & landscape services experts.

With the advances in landscape technology, water features are becoming varied and inexpensive than ever before. Choose self-sustaining devices that allow you to save energy, water, and other valuable resources.

4. Throw in some lights.

Don’t let your landscaping efforts be overturned by darkness whenever the sun’s down, for you can always show your artistry by adding some lights. Clever landscaping lights can highlight the garden, walkways, paths, the porch, and flower beds.

Simple lighting can add beauty to your backyard. Place spotlights to point the eye towards highlighted plants or flowers. Decorative lanterns and fairy lights can always add a bit of romance to any outdoor space.

5. Have multi-color foliage.

Foliage can be utilized as an alternative to blooms to add some color to your landscape project. You may add different kinds of coleus with begonia, elephant’s ears, or boxwood for a great summer landscape.

6. Put some fragrance.

Flowers are lovely to look at, but they likewise afford your garden the added dimension with its unforgettable scent. Fragrant plants and flowers add to the beauty of an alluring landscaping project. The garden can offer a summer that is worth remembering.

You can add fragrant flowers in your walkway for that added scent. Petunias are really fragrant flowers, which is a good reason to plant some in your flower bed. Phlox is another great seasonal flower which is resistant to drought with a variety of colors.

7. Inject some wildlife.

Who does not want to see and hear birds chirping, butterflies, and bees fluttering around the garden? Certainly, not you. Inject some wildlife to your landscaping project by adding some pollen- or nectar-rich plants to attract these creatures.

The bees love to buzz on yarrow, and hyssop plants and butterflies follow violets and wild basil. Create some birdbaths or small ponds in a dish or basin to attract these winged creatures to your garden.

8. Add your personal touch.

Lanscaped garden with functional furnitures

Summer is all about outdoor living. You can make your landscape project fun and worthwhile by adding your personal touch. You can place outdoor furniture and swings to your garden to allow families and guests to have a picnic or barbecue in the evenings.

Place an area on your yard where you can all hang out and lounge around. Repurpose and recycle old stuff and create an interesting décor for your backyard. Also, you can create a shed or gazebo, be creative, and add your artistic flair to it. It can be perfect for a day picnic or for stargazing in the evening.

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