Tree Care Services to Protect Your Yard From Diseases

Typically, a tree and shrub care maintenance program includes inspection and evaluation for overall health, fertilization, and treatment for diseases. If you think the trees in your lawn do not need this kind of help, think again.

Trees may seem formidable and strong, but like all living beings, they have weaknesses, and they many needs attention from tree service professionals in Salt Lake City.

Keep them thriving year-round

Without proper monitoring, a seemingly healthy tree might already be rotting from within. In order to keep the plants in your property healthy, you must be able to protect them from harm. Plant illnesses will not be adequately addressed if they are not diagnosed.

Like most homeowners, you may not have the faintest idea about the symptoms of plant diseases. To keep the plants green and vibrant all year round, experts should be called in for problem identification and interventions.

Symptoms of plant diseases

What’s wrong with your trees and shrubs? Fruit rot is quite obvious, but the tree itself may not be manifesting symptoms. Leaf spots may be evident, but it takes a comprehensive evaluation to determine the agent of the illness.

If the shrub does not have the same color as others of the same kind, it is important to ascertain if the disease is due to a fungus, a virus or perhaps pest insects. While trees can tolerate most diseases, it is imperative to identify issues early so that other plants in the vicinity may be protected as well.

Some of the common problems tree care experts deal with are black knot, powdery mildew, anthracnose, fire blight, rust diseases, brown spot needle blight, tomentosus root rot and crown gall.

Crucial diagnosis

plant care

Experts in plant care will tell you that pest insects, pest plants and diseases are not the only causes of tree illness. The health of trees and shrubs can be overwhelmed by environmental stresses. In certain environmental conditions, the capacity of trees to take in water and nutrients from the soil may be compromised.

Extremes in temperature may be particularly problematic for specific tree species.


As soon as tree care experts make a diagnosis of the problem, they can proceed to identify possible solutions. Responses can be applied using any of the following methods: trunk injection, granular broadcast, soil injection and foliar spray.

Experts will address the issues directly, and suggest tree care activities to keep the plants healthy all year long. For instance, the practice of pruning can be initiated to ensure that shrubs and trees do not get weighed down by diseased branches.

Pruning wayward stems is a procedure that maintains the upkeep of trees. Aside from improving their appearance, pruning prevents the spread of disease as well. Experts will tell you that removing branches allow the trees to breathe better and improve their resistance to diseases as well.

Having trees and shrubs in the yard is good for the well-being of the entire household. If you are already taking good care of them, consider the things that you haven’t done yet to ensure they grow healthy, sturdy, and disease-free.

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