Starting a Business: From Pen to Paper to Reality

Ideas come and go, so you better capture them while they are still fresh in your memory. It is a good idea to keep a pen and journal handy, so when inspiration strikes you would be ready to jot down your thoughts. This is how many businesses get their start. They get conceived in the brain of an entrepreneur and would, later on, become a reality.

If you think you have interesting ideas that are brewing in your mind, you can do something about that. So after putting the pen into paper, you need to know how to turn every concept into reality.

Putting Pen to Paper

There is no right or wrong method when it comes to writing a journal, but it does not hurt to be organized. Thoughts come and go randomly, and you want to make sure to capture the full context of your ideas. If you fail to do that, there is no guarantee that you will remember what everything is all about. You might come back to your notes at a later time and find yourself unfamiliar with what you yourself wrote. So if you can, jot down as much detail as possible. When you have filled out all the pages of your notebook, it is advisable to keep a digital copy of that. If you have a scanner, just run each page through that and save them to your computer. That way you can easily go back to the stuff that you have written without worrying about the ink fading or the paper crumbling. All will be safe in the digital realm, and you even have the option to upload everything to the cloud.

The importance of an idea cannot be understated. There are successful business owners out there who are able to sell their ideas with the help of a consulting company that specializes in franchise business concept development. They can help turn your thoughts into something that you can monetize or apply to multiple locations. So if you are feeling that you are not being productive when you only have your pen and paper beside you, think again. Great businesses were once ideas too.


So you have decided to go through the process of realizing your ideas. It is a huge undertaking on your part, so you better think hard about it before you dive in. The first thing you have to do is study its viability. You have to know a lot about the industry you are tackling. Read about its trends and see if it is at a level that would still be profitable by the time you start the business. This is done so you can minimize the risk that you are taking to as little as possible.

Checking Your Finances

Getting a business off the ground will not be possible without financing. You need to check your bank account and see if you have enough money to start your business. This will also dictate the type or the amount of loan that you need to get. Do not be discouraged with the amount of money that you are borrowing. You just have to focus on paying that off using the profits that you will be earning from your future business.

But if you keep getting into setbacks even after you have finished checking and re-checking your cash figures, then this could be a sign for you to take a pause and then a deep breath. It may not be the time yet, so it would be best for you to develop your ideas further for now.

business in action

More Research and Studies

If you have confirmed that you can afford to start a business, that is great news. But do not sleep on it yet. There are more research and studies that you have to do so you can make this business successful. One thing you have to think about the competition you will be facing. You also have to think about the location where you will be operating it all.

This is crucial because this could determine the number of people that you can serve every day. If you are targeting high volumes, set up shop near a transportation center or hub. This is a place that should constantly have high foot traffic. Attracting the eyes of those people should hopefully lead to high sales for you.

Preparing for Execution

After all the planning and research has been done, then all that is left is to prepare for the execution. This is the time for you to run to your local authorities to secure the proper documents and permits. Contact some contractors that you know so you can talk about building your commercial structure.

Get in touch with a manpower agency in case you need to have additional employees. You should also begin to shop for supplies and equipment. Try to get some good deals from suppliers and vendors so you get the most out of your money. It will be full speed ahead from here.

It is amazing to see an idea going from being written paper to becoming a reality. That is the power of human thinking coupled with good decision-making. So if you have an active brain, be sure to take down your notes. You might have a gem in there.

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