Make Sure that You Never See the Inside of a Prison Cell

Charlotte is not a safe city. Crime is at an all-time high, and the police are stressed and overworked. These factors can lead to unwarranted arrests over mistaken identity or just over-zealousness to close a case. Being on the receiving end of these injustices is no joke, and you need to make sure that you have adequate protection.

Avoid Jail Time

North Carolina prisons are overpopulated and understaffed. Prison gangs are a grim reality — riots, violence, and targeted assaults are all but unpreventable. You do not want any part of that, and one way to avoid all that is bail bonds. Judges can set unrealistic bail amounts which you won’t be able to pay. By going to a bail guarantor, you can pay a tenth of that amount and the bondsman will cover the full amount.

You get to go on with your daily life until the beginning of your trial. This is especially important because defendants often wait several months before their trial even starts. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, spending those several months in jail is dangerous and will have significant impacts on your life. Your job, your house, and even your relationship with your family are put at risk once you step inside a prison cell. Pay the bondsman, live free, and wait for your trial date.

Don’t Give the Cops an Excuse

Not every cop is bad, but if you do encounter one while driving, you want your bases covered. A dashcam can provide solid evidence that can back up your claims, preventing a “your word against a cop’s” situation. Cops need a valid reason to pull you over, whether it’s suspicion for DUI or traffic violations.

If you can refute that claim with a dashcam recording, then you probably won’t even get a ticket. Getting pulled over by a cop can sometimes get dangerous. If ever you are put in a situation where a cop asks you to pull-over, keep calm, put both hands on the steering wheel, and don’t make any sudden actions. Ask the officer what you did wrong and ask if you’re being charged with anything. You do not need to take a Breathalyzer test or any other test for that matter if you are not being charged.

Get Representation

lawyer talking to clientWhether it’s through a personal connection or community channels, you need to find a lawyer who will represent your interests. A lawyer will make sure you aren’t just being harassed or unjustly targeted. A good number of defendants have been cajoled or threatened into accepting plea deals — regardless of their guilt or innocence — just to get out of a bad situation faster. A plea deal, no matter how good, leaves a stain on your permanent record. A lawyer can navigate the intricacies of law and prevent you from making simple mistakes that will have severe effects on your life.

The justice system is not flawless, and prison is not a safe place. You need to do everything you can to avoid incarceration, especially if you’re innocent.

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