Ideas for Symbols You Can Include in a Funeral Service

Losing a loved one comes with a range of emotions, from profound sadness to anger. At the same time, you are meant to put together a befitting funeral ceremony to celebrate your loved ones’ passing. Amidst all the emotions and strain you might be under, planning a befitting service is overwhelming.

The ideal choice is leaving the planning and execution to a funeral home. This should be not just any funeral service burial in London. It should be one well-versed in handling a personalized service. Without personalization, a funeral service will be a ceremony going through the traditional ceremony steps rather than celebrating your loved one. One element of personalization in funeral services is the use of symbols. Here are some ideas for symbols you can include in the service:


Black is the traditional color for attire to a funeral. This, in most cultures, was used to broadcast that someone was in mourning. It has since become among the most recognized colors for signifying death. Even so, you can opt for any color that best celebrates your loved one. If they were a pure soul, for instance, you can settle for white. Nowadays, loved ones are also opting for bright colors like yellow, turquoise, and pink to celebrate their free-spirited loved ones. The color is included in your flowers, memorial cards, candles, ribbons, or the service’s dress code.


The release of doves has fast become the popular way to symbolize the passing on of the soul of your loved one. Doves are, in most cultures, peace symbols and their release will leave loved ones with considerable inner peace. Releasing it in most cases signifies letting go of the deceased’s spirit and will leave a sense of hope in those left behind.


This is the symbol most people will focus on when planning a funeral service. Most flowers will convey sympathy when arranged in the right way in mourning, but they have different meanings. Lilies, for instance, symbolize rebirth and renewal while yellow roses convey support and friendship. Hyacinths are symbols of regret and sorrow, carnations signify love, and forget-me-nots are ideal symbols of remembrance. Even so, remember to check the deceased’s culture since the meaning of flowers might differ among different cultures.


cremation urn and woman at funeral in church

Candles have throughout history had different symbolic meanings in mourning based on a deceased’s spiritual and cultural beliefs. In most cultures, a candle’s flame denotes a hope for eternal life and that the deceased will not be forgotten. The candles can also unify the mourners at a service with an affirming power of light. The candle is often put out at the end of the service, but a few people opt for electric candles that will burn for a longer time.

Personalizing a funeral service is no easy feat. With a focus on the above elements, it will be easy to customize the service to celebrate specific aspects of your loved one’s life. They are bound to work positively for the service when put together by the right funeral home.

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