The Thing About Green Funerals

The stage is set for everything eco-friendly. Many people all over the world are finding ways to live a life that would not stress Mother Earth further. From changing lifestyles, they have gone as far as switching to green funerals and burials. Yes, you can now opt to send off a loved one to the afterlife using the same environmentally friendly principle.

All over London and the rest of the United Kingdom, a green funeral company is available to provide guidance on how you can go about this eco-friendly option without having to interfere with traditions. It is viable for people to choose going green when they are well informed. So, start by learning as much as you can about green funerals.

What It Is About

Green funerals aim to reduce one’s carbon footprint. If it is the choice people are making as they live, it would not be so difficult to make the same choice and abide by the same principle when they die. Simply put, you are going to oust chemicals in the picture and prefer to be buried in a more natural state, the way it used to be long before funerals are industrialised and highly commercialised.

With green funerals, you are opting for clean and green choices for anything that involves the practices pertaining to one’s death. Whether you are planning for your own or a deceased loved one, it is important that you plan it well. Although thinking about dying might be at the least of your priorities, this is probably time to look at it in a different light.

Planning with a Trusted Company

Funeral representative talking to senior citizensThe best way to start is finding a good green funeral company that will assist you all throughout. You see, there are so many decisions to make and you will need professional guidance to make sure you are taking the right path. Think about these concerns:

  • Would you need a coffin or not? Some ceremonies call for a deceased loved one to be laid in a coffin. But since we are talking about going green, not having to use it is the better recourse. You may opt for the body to be wrapped in a sheet or a natural felt shroud made of wool from sheep. If you insist on a coffin, at least go for environmentally friendly materials, such as bamboo, wicker, willow, or cardboard (minus the laminate finish).
  • To cremate or bury naturally. Although there are resources that say cremation is a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial methods, there is still some burning involved, which could release harmful pollutants in the atmosphere. A greener choice is definitely getting buried in a natural burial ground, with no floral tributes and just a wooden memorial (a natural memorial like planting a tree in place could likewise be a good choice).
  • green funeral service from start to finish. There is no need to forget about the traditions just to embrace a green funeral. You can go by the whole nine yards but you must make sure you are incorporating green practices every step of the way, from carpooling to serving organic food to using recyclable materials and others.

Switching to a green funeral is not as difficult as you think if you are well guided and well informed of the choices you must make along the way. Work with the right funeral planning company to get the help and guidance you need.

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