How to Ensure Disinfection of Your Online Purchases

COVID-19 cases are still rising despite the best efforts of different agencies. According to reports, there are around 200,000 people in the US alone that have fallen to the deadly disease. Despite this news — and many more deaths all over the world — people appear to have started to disregard the disease as a mere myth.

It is because of this general disregard that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended that the populace should practice proper cleaning and sanitation of different places and items. There are areas in our home that are high touch. More importantly, this season is a season of gifts; short of suggesting that you should sanitize your PO box mailbox, there are ways you can ensure that you receive packages that have been properly disinfected. Read on.

Keep Your Hands Washed and Moisturized

This is especially true if you’re receiving packages coming from online stores. Chances are, somewhere along the way, these may have been handled by people who have little to no sense of proper hygiene.

It’s hard to keep thinking your package may be carrying the virus. To rid yourself of this problem, you should start practicing proper disinfection as prescribed by the authorities. If you can’t, at least always carry a hand sanitizer with you. It doesn’t beat regular washing with soap and water, but at least, you can keep your hands germ-free as much as possible.

Keep Your Sanitizers Readily Available

Sanitizers have become a much sought-after commodity at the outbreak of CoViD-19. Much of that panic has since waned with the introduction of vaccines. However, with news of a new virus strain, people might start looking for more of those sanitizers again.

Make sure that you have a steady stock at home to keep yourself safe from whatever strain of COVID-19. You can place it near the door of your home so you can use it as soon as you enter. Alternatively, you can always keep a small amount with you that you can use whenever you feel you need to.

Keep at Home

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The best way to avoid COVID-19 in the first place is to stay at home. That’s where you’re going to get your packages delivered in the first place. Avoid the large crowds you’re sure to meet when you’re shopping outside and you’re more likely to avoid the virus than get it. Large crowds are unsafe currently — you never know who’s following the rules of sanitation and who’re the ones who think that the virus isn’t a real threat to anyone.

Keep Practicing Safety First

As always, safety should be your priority. You should always be ready with a face mask and face shield whenever you’re getting your package just to be on the safe side. Keep your package well-sanitized before even thinking of opening it, then sanitize it again once you’ve removed the outer packaging.

It’s not being overly vigilant; it’s called protecting yourself from the virus. It’s not only you that you’re protecting but your family, to whom you might unknowingly pass any unseen viruses or germs to.

Keep Investing in Your Own Protective Gear

If you want to keep safe in an environment-friendly way, you can invest in a cloth face mask. These are relatively cheap to buy. They can also be purchased in different designs and customized to suit your style. It also helps protect others from the disease and is effective in keeping it contained; a helpful sentiment especially if you have no idea whether your asymptomatic or not.

A lot of work goes into keeping you and your family safe from the coronavirus. You need to do it or else, you risk putting your family’s lives in danger. It’s also a good way of saying ‘I care’ to the surrounding people.

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