House-Hunting Basics: Areas to Check When Viewing a Home

More people are interested in purchasing a home this year. According to a report from HousingWire, a majority (84 percent) of Americans stated that buying a house is a priority.

If you’re one of the people interested in getting a home, you’ll first need to choose a house that’s right for you. When you’re inspecting potential dream homes, be thorough. Don’t look at this activity as snooping around someone else’s property. It’s something you should do to get a place that meets your preferences and requirements.

When you’re viewing a home, remember to take a good look at these areas:

The Bathroom

Prospective homebuyers don’t allocate much time to inspecting a bathroom. After all, there’s usually nothing remarkable about this part of the house (unless the bathroom comes with cool add-on accessories like a toilet bidet hose or a beautiful oval mirror).

Still, check if the bathroom meets your standards. Run a test by flushing the toilet and turning on the faucets. Doing these will help you determine the water pressure and possible backups in the plumbing system. Low or inconsistent water pressure isn’t just annoying when you shower. It could also point to problems with the house pipes.

Note: Before you conduct your “experiment,” ask permission from your real estate agent. Some home sellers find using the toilet to be impolite.

The Kitchen

This area serves as the heart of your home. If you see yourself doing a lot of cooking, don’t settle for less. Although you could always remodel, this home improvement project could be costly for you.

When inspecting the kitchen, check the condition of the cabinets and determine if they need replacement. If the house comes with kitchen appliances, such as an oven, find out if they’re still working.

The Basement and the Attic

Shining a flashlight into these areas isn’t enough. You should inspect the attic and basement thoroughly. If you come across personal items piled against a wall, ask the seller to move them aside. Packed belongings easily hide water damage and signs of water intrusion, such as white substances on the wall, peeling paint, and rotting wood.

The Windows

house window

The type of windows you see inside the house will determine if you’re getting bright, sunny rooms or living spaces that offer privacy. When checking out the windows, look at the amount of sunshine entering the rooms.

The Closet

Just to set the record straight, you don’t have to go through the owner’s stuff. You, however, do have to determine the amount of storage space in the closets and decide if they satisfy your needs. The last thing you want to happen is to buy a home and realize that you don’t have room to store your stuff.

The Finishing Touches

Even the simple-looking house could look spectacular with a few fine additions, such as a fireplace, installed artworks, and area rugs. If finishing touches are essential in your house-hunting process, keep an eye out for them.

The bathroom, kitchen, basement, attic, windows, closet, and finishing touches are some areas you should carefully inspect when house shopping. Taking a good look at these places will make your house hunting successful and allow you to purchase the dream home you’ve always wanted.

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