Home Design and Installation Ideas for Accommodating Seniors

The home is where the family lives, whether it may be composed of you, your spouse and children, or an extended setup where your parents, grandparents, and other relatives are present too. If you were involved with the overall design of your home, then it was unquestionably tailor-made based on you and your family’s needs.

As the years go by, however, those needs may change, and more adjustments may be required. An example would be preparing for your elderly parents or another member of the family to move in. This may present you with additional challenges but never worry.

There are ways you can make your home into a senior-friendly one.

Mobility Assistance

For the elderly, walking around the home can feel like an uphill climb. And again, this is due to their bodies not having the strength that they used to. Therefore, they need all the help they can get. This is especially important if your resident elder is using a wheelchair.

Their required mobility space is wider than the average person’s as they need to be able to maneuver their wheelchair. Given that fact, doorways and entrances should be made wide enough to accommodate them.

Also, if you can put any ramps on your stairwells, a sturdy wheelchair lift from Salt Lake City, Utah, can be installed to help them go up and down. The restroom is also essential and should be installed with handlebars for them to cling to.

Make All Areas Visible

As people approach their twilight years, so do their bodies. You may notice that your parents or grandparents complain about pain in different parts as well as a declining memory. Also, one of the most common problems is weakening eyesight.


Therefore, you need to make sure that areas of your house are always well-lit. This will help them see where they walk and notice any potential danger. Some accidents may include slipping on a wet surface or stepping on a sharp object.

Those can be avoided if you strategically put lights and design windows where natural sunlight can be maximized.

Healthier Environment

One critical area of concern for aging family members is their health and well-being. If your body is in decline, so does its capability to fight off germs that can easily latch on it. Maintaining cleanliness is beneficial not just for them but for the whole family, too.

Keep all your available food healthy so that they can eat right. Also, having a luscious garden can provide them with some clean air to breathe and, if they can still move about, can also become a kind of hobby. Older adults can choose gardening as a healthy pastime as well as exercise.

Our elders can be considered as the cornerstones of society simply because they were the ones who lived before us. They’re the ones who imparted us with the knowledge and care we needed during our developing stages.

It’s just right for us to provide them with the same level of care and concern if they decide to live together with us. Most importantly, this is not just about fitting your home to their situation but showing genuine love and care and letting them know that they’re always welcome to be with us.

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