Event Planning 101: 4 Catering Mishaps You Must Avoid

It’s hard enough to plan a simple get-together party, more so when it’s an office event. Putting together a plan that will serve its purpose in the corporate world requires a lot of thinking and consideration. Aside from the technicalities involved in the event, catering services are a lot more complex to handle.

One wrong move and it can ruin everything you’ve worked for. In any event, the menu is always critical to its success alongside your location and guest list. That’s why many companies opt to employ catering services during this occasion to ensure that there are enough for everyone.

However, it is still unavoidable to commit mistakes along the way. That’s why to stay away from things that can ruin your office event, a corporate catering company in Dubai provides a list of things you must never do. Below are some of them.

1. Not Having Enough Food for Your Guests

What’s more embarrassing than realising that the food you have is not enough to cover for everyone? Chances are you’ll simply leave your guests to starve all throughout the occasion. At the end of the day, you’ll hear feedback about how unsatisfying it was to attend your event.

That’s why if you want your event to become the talk of the town but in a good sense, you have to confirm the appearance of your guests to know how much food will you need.

2. Guests Feeling Unwell After Meal

If you thought running out of food was bad enough, food poisoning is even worse. It can taint your company’s reputation as well as leave many guests the impression that they’re not as valued as you claim them to be.

To avoid this from happening, it’s important that the caterers you hire have extensive experience in cooking, storing, transporting and serving clean, fresh, high-quality food.

3. Limited Choices on Your Menu List

Couple looking at a menuAs you are tasked to organise an event, expect that your guests may have different preferences for food. This is why you need to come up with a menu option where they could choose what they can eat. If you stick with one to two dishes, it is very likely that there are some who will not eat it.

It’s not just personal tastes that you have to account for. Some people have dietary restrictions for medical, religious or advocacy reasons. When you fail to take this into account, you are also sending the message that you are not inclusive and don’t care about your guests that much.

4. Not Identifying Your Guests’ Preferences

Before you settle on any menu, it’s important that you have a rough idea of what dishes to serve. It would be helpful to know the specifics in terms of the food you can and can’t serve, but as a general rule, include all considerations.

Consider all demographics as well as the cultures of the attendees so you could come up with a menu that would fit everyone. You should incorporate different types of dishes just in case some of your guests don’t eat seafood, pork or are vegan.

Keep these things in mind to ensure everyone will have a blast during your event. Along with the location and guest RSVPs, don’t forget to pay some attention to food and beverage. This will help your event succeed and leave everyone satisfied.

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