Elements that Should Be Included in Your Small Company’s Website

Many individuals and groups now have their own presence on the Internet in the form of websites. Businesses such as yours use their websites to promote their products and services to a wider audience. It is even much easier for small and startup companies now because of the availability of free and build-your-own options. However, a lot of first-timers commit certain common mistakes when it comes to creating websites. These errors can make a site hard to look at and navigate and can cost a business their potential customers. Make it easier for people to go through your website and avail of your services by following these pointers:

Branding and Representation

When people view the home page of your website, they have to see that it is yours from the get-go. Include your logo, and make the rest of the design match it through its color scheme, font, style, and other images. Whatever they need to know, such as news, announcements from the management, as well as sponsors and partners, should be included. To avoid clutter, you can let the page scroll vertically, or you can show a teaser of that content on the front page and include a link that will lead visitors to the full version.


The overall structure and design of your website should be smooth and seamless. Every page should be consistent in terms of text and image style. It should give space for the eyes to rest while browsing. If you need to include possibly distracting elements such as videos and sounds, it is best to leave it up to your visitors to play them.

Unless you are designing a hard and confusing browser game, you should avoid changing the layout in every page just to shock people. A small business should leave web design to the professionals just to be sure that every element comes together.

Ease of Navigation

people using phone

Difficulty in navigating your website can be a huge problem. Make your site easier to navigate by people. Make your pages load faster, put the links where people can quickly see them, and keep all the important information within one to three links away from the home page. Also, keep in mind that it is easier for people to keep scrolling down rather than click and wait for another page to load. The important words to remember here are “light” and “accessible.”

Any business can create a website and be seen online these days, with the number of free builders available on the Internet. However, if you want your business to grow faster, then you have to design it well for your needs. Consult with experts and make use of their know-how in building a quality website minus the trouble. Do your research and shop around for the best one that suits your kind of business as well as your budget. Once you find an online marketing company that you can trust, you will be able to focus on improving your products and services to grow your business.

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