Clear Signs that You’ve Landed the Right Job

The average person spends 13 years and 2 months at work in his or her lifetime. If this is the case with you, then it should be a big deal that you are in the hands of the right employer, right? Besides, your work will significantly impact other aspects of your life, especially your mental health. Here are some things that will help you assess if you have landed the right job:

Money Is Not a Problem Anymore

For many people, a salary is more than a dollar count. It is a reflection of the value that an employer puts on you as a worker. If you feel unappreciated, this can have a direct impact on your overall workplace performance.

If you feel this way, there’s no need to feel bad about yourself; your emotions are perfectly valid, and you aren’t the only one. On the other hand, if you are more motivated to do your job because you’re earning more than enough and entitled to great employee benefits, that is one good indication that you’re working for the right employer.

Time Flies So Fast When You’re at Work

You ever feel like time flies so fast when you’re at work? You look at the clock and are shocked that you’ve finished almost all your tasks when you’re not even halfway through your shift? There’s a psychology behind that. Researchers believe that when you are cognitively busy, you become so focused on the task at hand that you lose the opportunity to notice the passage of time. This could also mean that you enjoy what you’re doing, so there’s that.

You Don’t Bring Home Your Work

a good sleep

As shocking as it is, you already spend approximately 90,000 hours at work. If your day job is so toxic that you have to spend what is supposed to be a lazy Sunday at home to take on unfinished tasks, do yourself a favor and hand over that resignation note to your boss. Your rest days are for relaxation. It’s toxic enough if you’re not leaving the office on time. However, if you are lucky enough to get to spend your off days with your loved ones and yourself, count that as yet another reason to stick to your job.

You Constantly Challenge Yourself

Some work environments can be extremely limiting, but some encourage their employees to get out of their comfort zones and take risks. It also helps to have a boss who continually pushes you to do your best. An ideal boss is a person who knows when to point out your mistakes and provide constructive criticism to help you improve. He or she also pushes you to your limits to enable you to grow personally and professionally. With a supportive boss like this, you’re luckier than most employees.

You Imagine Yourself Taking a Higher Position in the Company

Have you ever felt bad for wanting to replace your boss someday even though you have a good working relationship with your immediate superior? Well, there’s nothing to feel bad about. It’s a good sign that you’re ready to take on a leadership role and speaks about your upward trajectory in the company.

If you’re having doubts about your job, now is the right time to assess your situation. Are you working with an employer who provides excellent employee benefits in Salt Lake City? Is your boss supportive of your career goals? Take the assessment and decide for yourself.

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