Are Your Employees Doing the Work They Should Be Doing?

Do you know what threatens a business? Undermanagement. When we don’t monitor how our employees are doing their work, our businesses feel the impact almost immediately. You can’t rely on the employees to care for your business the way you do. They’re not pouring their heart, soul, tears, and blood into it. They aren’t investing their own money. They aren’t taking the risks you’re taking. It is not possible for them to love your business more than you do. You have to monitor how they do their work.

Invest in Accounting Software

If you live in McKinney, Texas, look at Quickbooks cleanup services for possible inventory software management. You’ll have a hard time keeping up with your sales, expenses, inventory, payables, and balances if your accounting records are in disarray. Make sure to check the daily reports. You should keep an eye out on missing cash and products because these will hurt your business’ profit.

Watch Them Work

The best way to monitor your employees is to watch them work. Set aside one day for each employee to observe how they’re going about their day. You don’t have to tell them that you’re observing them for the day, but simply shadow them in a few of their tasks. You can have a personal and detailed understanding of why this certain employee is effective or why not. You’ll observe things that a customer satisfaction survey won’t tell you. Even your HR department won’t get as many details as you can if you work closely with your employees.

Use Technology

You can install a monitoring tool on their computers. You can also use a tracking tool on their phones and company cars. Make sure that your employees know that their use of these devices is being monitored. It is against the law to monitor employees this way, but it is allowed for employment purposes. For shipping and driving-based businesses, trackers should be installed in the vehicles to make sure that they are staying on route.

You can also install CCTV cameras around the office so that you can monitor them while you’re away in a business meeting or trip. You should have remote access to the feed. This will enable you to see the activities in your office even if you’re far away.

Create Checklists

Team in discussion

Invest in a project management tool that will create daily checklists and activity logs. Creating daily goals to reach will help employees manage expectations and what is required from them every day. It is much easier to fulfill tasks when you see them being ticked off one by one from the list. Visuals are everything when it comes to motivating employees to do their jobs more efficiently. Literally seeing the list of things they need to do will push them to work effectively.

You have to trust your employees to do the right thing. You hired and retained them because they earned that trust. If there’s something you need to clarify, don’t rely on what the records and timestamps show you. There could be a reason why they’re slumping. Ask them. Talk to them. Communication will always go the distance in managing employees.

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