Adding Personality: Creating A Brand For Your Small Business

Nowadays, it takes more than slick advertising to convince people to buy your products or services. What customers want is to be able to connect with a brand on some level. But you can’t do that as a faceless business. Your company needs to show some personality. Fortunately, it is a lot easier to do this as a small business. Here are some tips on how you can make that happen.

Show It In Your Office

One way to present a personality to your customers is by having an office that shows it off. Take a personal hand in decorating the place so that it reflects the sort of personality that you want to display. For example, if you want people to think of your company as cultured and high-class, printing out fine art reproductions and displaying them in prominent parts of the office can be effective. You can even mix in original artwork from local artists. Clients will see them when they visit, and they will get an impression of your company’s liking for art.

Have A Website That People Can Connect To

A more public to showcase your company’s personality is a website. Great websites present a lot of information about a company. But you want it to be more than that. Work with your website designer to create a site that has the sort of vibe that you want to project. Graphic design and interface are just one part of it. It would be best if you showcased more than your products or services, too. Have a blog on your site that lets you talk about your company’s concerns and philosophies. If you do it right, your blog can be the ideal introduction for your business to potential customers.

Use Your Company’s Story

People love hearing stories. There is something about a story that excites them and allows them to relate to the heroes. Highlighting your company story can be a big help in this. In the story, you are the hero, and that gives you an immediate connection with your audience. But it would be best if you framed your story right. Start by talking about your product. Discuss how it got its start, how you make it, and why you are bringing it to the market. This makes customers realize more about your company. Also, storytelling is about themes, so you should consider what themes you will be highlighting in your company’s story. Think of some adjectives you want your company to be known for and focus on those.

Ensure You Have A Friendly Tone When Talking With Customers

Customer service is incredibly important when it comes to presenting a personality to your customers. When they interact with your company, they need to know that there is someone friendly on the other side. Making sure your customer service delivers on this promise ensures that you are consistent in the image that you want to present to your clients. There are several channels for customers to get in touch with you. There is e-mail, online chat, and even social media. All the responses need to show your company’s friendly personality and that you are listening to their concerns. It would be best if you also delivered on any promises they make so that you can reinforce the trustworthiness of the company. Of special importance is social media engagement since that is how many small businesses interact with their customers.

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Sit Down With Your Team And Create A Brand Bible

Small businesses usually have dozens of employees, and there is a chance that they might interact with customers. If you want a consistent voice, you need to ensure that everyone knows what it is. For that to happen, you need to come up with a brand bible for your company. Call your team together and set up guidelines on how your company is to present itself and how employees can be part of it. You should then have meetings with your people to explain how it works. For example, you might want to specify that your company employees should be seen doing specific things or making particular statements. Reminding your people that they are representatives of the company and should act like it.

Showing a personality can be a big advantage for a business. For one, customer relations are a lot easier to handle. If they think of you as a friend that they can trust or relate to, then they are more likely to go with your products or service. But it does mean that you have a responsibility to maintain that trust. Ensure that you deliver on your promises, and you will have secured a customer for life.

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