3 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Event

There are many factors that go into an event’s success, and with good planning and setup, you can already be a step closer. But it never hurts to add that extra thing that makes your event even more impressive.

Get staff IDs and uniforms

This is not only helpful for clients, participants, and suppliers who need to identify different members of staff but also adds a higher degree of professionalism to your event. Studies show that people are more likely to trust someone in uniform, and if you have a set look then your staff won’t have to deal with any confusion and stragglers.

Of course, creatives often prefer free reign when it comes to self-expression, so you can’t always implement a dress code to all of your staff. This may also be difficult to hit within a timeline if you don’t have a supplier, though sticking to shirts with print may be an easy route for this.

Should you nix the uniform route, IDs are the way to go – with or without a set look. Invest in a good printer so you have highly defined photographs and info with your event logo and use wide-format laminating equipment or machine so that your staff’s identification cannot be easily damaged, crumpled, or thrown away accidentally.

By using laminated IDs and other event materials, you can provide staff with identification that looks more legit and is not too flimsy without having to shell out as much money for full plastic cards that aren’t that practical for one-time use. Proper identification also goes beyond aesthetics and is a matter of security.

Use tech to your advantage

Even if you don’t have time to set up a website or app, technology can still hold a big part in making your event smoother and feel more high-end. Set up a digital registration system at the entrance and be able to count heads and collect information more easily.

You can achieve this by adding a laptop or two by a designated registration desk or booth. Leaning into technology, you can even add interactive instalments that can make the event engaging and more memorable for your attendees.

There s a variety of interactive spots you can set up as long as you can hook up some screens with your phones and plaster it with the necessary branding. A simple light display, or interactive screen, can add that extra layer into your event.

Give Early Birds the Worm

Red carpet event

Statistics reveal that adding an early bird system to event ticketing always increases interest and total sales. By adding in early bird tickets, you can spike up demand and use it as a promotional tool with the use of special promos and sneak peeks.

This system is not only a good way to reward your more eager attendees; it also establishes early on how much you can expect to earn back.

So, even if you have an existing event plan, these tips can easily make the whole thing even better.

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