Why You Need a Repair Service Software

Customers requesting for repairs are an inevitable part of a manufacturer/seller’s operations. Most of the time, repairs and after-sales management are given less priority by companies for 2 reasons: (1) it isn’t the main focus of the company, (2) its seen primarily as a cost. But if planned and executed properly, good repair and after-sales management could lead to better customer satisfaction, higher sales, improved brand reputation, and may even be a way to improve future products.

The catch is that repair and after-sales management can be tedious and requires a lot of tracking and record-keeping. This is why repair management software has become more and more popular. Repair management software allows the streamlining of logistics and process of repair management not only for the manufacturer but also for customers.

What is Repair Management Software

Return Management Software allows the business to handle returns, repairs, tracking, and/or scheduling more efficiently. One should note that repair management software is not only limited to products being sent back to the manufacturer, but can also be used to manage and schedule house repairs, service appliance repairs, and other on-site repairs.

Repair management software can even be used by strictly repair-service only businesses such as auto-service or computer repair shops to track their clients, parts needed, and the status of repairs. For products that require returns for repairs, repair management software would make it easier for one to track logistics of the returned products, and provide the customer updates on the status of their return.

Repair Management Software is either sold as they are, or can be commissioned and tailor-fitted for the company and its operations for better integration.

What Are Its Benefits

Faster and Efficient Handling

Right off the bat, repair management software makes it easier for everyone when it comes to repairs. Better records keeping, scheduling, and tracking would double after-sales support’s efficiency. Additionally, some (if not all) Repair Management Software can integrate with your current client database or product serial numbers. This makes it easier for one to verify the repair and avoid being scammed.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Satisfied customers are bound to spend more, and may even stay loyal to the brand and recommend the product to their friends and family. Additionally, your brand is known to have an efficient return and repair process, more customers would be more likely to spend freely, knowing that they can easily have their products repaired whenever needed.

Product and Planning Improvement

Repair Management Software allows one to compile technician/manufacturer reports and findings on the returned product. The company will be able to see the common and unprecedented issues with the products and could incorporate the learnings in future products. Additionally, the company would be able to track which parts are oftentimes replaced, and could properly plan which parts or components they need to keep in stock to accommodate repairs.

In Summary

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As mentioned earlier, most companies see repair and after-sales management/support as costly. But by providing an easy way for customers to easily have their products repaired, and to easily schedule/track the repairs would give customers more incentive to purchase your products.

Service Repair Software is a nifty solution to improve operations and customer satisfaction. As your company grows, and more products are delivered, you might want to consider investing in one.

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