When is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Siding?

Crash! The kids just put another crater on your 25-year old siding. Whether you live in an old house or in a relatively new home, you know the damage that growing children could do to any structure.

Whether you are planning to sell your house or not, the pressure to improve your home’s siding may be building by the day. You do not want to leave those indentations there, but getting rid of them may be a project on its own.

A leading siding contractor in Salt Lake City explained that there are many options. Many property owners are unaware of this; even more serious is the lack of knowledge of what makes a reputable contractor. This guide will help you get into the upgrading project with renewed confidence.

Why an Upgrade is Necessary

One reason why a siding upgrade is so appealing is the need for minimal exterior maintenance of the home. Some siding options need paint, but some do not require any paint. You need to be careful to pick a siding that at least does need regular upkeep or padint.

Energy savings are also an important reason, as advanced options have excellent energy efficiency. Other reasons to consider a siding replacement are improved ease and convenience when it comes to maintenance.

Replacement Options>

Aluminum is one of the earliest siding options, as many people used it as early as the 1940s. Of course, it came as an improvement to wood siding, which needed painting and a lot of maintenance. The fact that aluminum can be customized makes it attractive.

Over time, the reduced rates for aluminum siding because of improved extrusion methods have made it more attractive. Steel came after aluminum, and the more resilient vinyl soon followed. Apart from these options, there are varieties such as vinyl coated steel siding, insulated vinyl and fiber cement composite. These materials all have their pros and cons, and many homeowners could choose which one is the most suitable for their home and their budget.

Getting a Siding Contractor

Man washing vinyl siding

Only siding experts can give the results that you desire because they have the skills, knowledge and equipment. If you want your home to increase its curb appeal, you could hire the best contractor that fits your budget.

Once you get the bids, focus on extras such as debris cleanup, flashing installation, site preparation and their range of products. Prices should give a clue: overly low and overly high quotes are always a danger sign. Reviews from online platforms and professionals can help, so create a shortlist of providers. Once you find the best one, get into the paperwork and clarify the period, materials and output.

Whether you have an eye on resale value or you only want to improve your home’s appearance, upgrading the siding makes a lot of sense. If you need new siding, you need to make sure you have taken into account all the options. The project may be complicated, but an experienced siding contractor can help you with the details.

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