What to Do With Electronic Parts and Devices You’re Not Using?

Disposing of your electronic waste or e-waste should be done properly. If not, it can be harmful to you and your family as well as to the surrounding. That said, every household needs to have the knowledge about proper e-waste disposal, especially since a lot of our stuff at home is electronic.

So, here are a few things that you can do to any electrical devices, equipment, gadgets, or parts you want to get rid of.

Give Them to an E-Waste Recycler

Several e-waste recycling companies will take any electronics off your hands. They will then use it in one way or another to reduce electronic waste on dumps. When looking for an e-waste recycler, make sure they are certified by the Basel Action Network (BAN), and the company has a display of their Pledge of Responsible Recycling.

This way, you can guarantee your electronic wastes will be recycled or disposed of properly.

Sell Outdated Tech and Parts

Anything that is still working rather well can be sold. You can use online platforms like eBay or craigslist to sell them, or you can approach specialty electronic parts dealer that buy and sell electronic parts.

Tons of electronic shops will likely buy them.

Chances are someone will want and need your old tech or the parts. You didn’t just get rid of some junk; you also earned money off it. However, ensure that any devices or gadgets you’re selling or giving away are free of your personal information. It’s to keep your data safe and avoid issues like identity theft.

Donate Your Electronics

If you have old cell phones that you don’t use, or perhaps older techs that are still working well, you can choose to have them donated.  Several companies like Goodwill and Salvation Army accept these kinds of donations and will sell them.

The profit then goes to an organization that helps empower and educate those who need help. Additionally, several tech brands accept your old phones and gadgets for a little incentive. Check with your mobile carrier if they have this type of program.

There are tons of companies and organizations that have an electronics donation program of some sort. You can even check with institutions and NGOs near you if they want your old tech. One quick search on the internet will help you know where you can best drop your electronics off.

DonateWhy Proper E-Waste Disposal is Important

Various electronic devices and equipment contain toxic substances, including mercury, cadmium and lead. If you simply throw them in the dump, there’s a higher chance of these substances polluting the soil and even reaching your water sources, which could poison you and your whole family.

However, storing them in your storage won’t work as well. Many of these devices are highly flammable and could cause fires. Or, young children and pets could accidentally swallow small electronic parts.

That said, knowing how to dispose of your e-waste correctly should be common knowledge.

Remember, you can either have your electronic devices, parts and equipment recycled, sold, or donated. Various companies will gladly take them from you in exchange for incentives and rewards.

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