Top Uses and Benefits of Laser Engraving Technology

The introduction of laser technology has made a big impact on businesses, vastly improving production in many industries. Printing is one of the industries that greatly benefited from laser technology.
From simple engraving on metal and glass to carving on several different types of heavy materials like granite, wood, and even tombstone using a laser carving machine, the printing industry will never be the same again. Here are the benefits of the laser industry to businesses:

Faster Turnaround

Undoubtedly, the introduction of laser technology made the process faster than the traditional engraving. Gone is the need for multiple special tools for engraving. You don’t even have to learn any engraving skill; all you need is the application for the printing. Learn the process and the finished product will be completed in no time.

Design Precision

Robotics is made to perfection and accuracy. Like robotics, laser technology is based on high accuracy made to perfection. So, whatever model you input onto the system, from creating the finished product based on the actual size (height, width, and length) to the more complex design, you can be assured of high-quality output based on the information you entered.

Speaking of a complex design, the laser technology does not have any problem producing a finished product with the highest quality. Its accuracy is incomparable, with clean-cut precision and smooth finished product. Suffice to say, the accuracy of the output contributes to the reduction of the amount of wastage per project compared to the traditional way of engraving.

Printing Materials

Worker operating on printing machineWith the conventional engraving method, you need a specific tool to carve on a particular type of material. Not with laser printing technology. It does not have any problem etching even the most complex design. In fact, it can work on different types of materials such as metals, plastics, wood, and glass. This opens up new opportunities to serve other needs from different industries, such as in automotive, electronics, semiconductors, and medical communities.

Faster and Safer Process

Once you enter the design onto the system and start the printing process, no human interaction is needed until the finished product is completed. Unlike the traditional way, there is no room for human error in etching or engraving, while accidents such as cuts will be eliminated. And unlike the traditional way of engraving, which is very time-consuming, laser printing and engraving is really fast.

Low Power Usage

One of the wrong notions when it comes to using newer technologies is the consumption of power. While there are machines that need higher voltage consumption, laser printing is actually one of the technologies that can run on low power. In fact, there are laser machines that use as low as 10kW of power.

Spending less on electricity bill means a great reduction on your expenditures. With faster turnaround from raw material to finished product, you can manufacture more items, which means more business and more revenue. That said, transitioning from the traditional way of engraving and etching to the more advanced laser technology makes your business cost-effective and able to reach and serve more customers.

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