Tidy Up Your Shed with These Simple Hacks

drawersIf you’ve recently been tripping over due to tools lying on the ground or you can’t seem to find small items from all the mess inside your shed, then it’s about time you organize everything.

Keeping things in their proper places will require you to buy tool storage cabinets and other shed organizers, so you can easily store and get the specific tools that you need. Aside from quick access to your workshop tools and supplies, keeping things organized will also ensure the safety of everyone inside your shed. Plus, it’s just a pleasure looking at a workshop that is spic and span from floor to ceiling.

Here are other simple hacks to organize your workshop:

Install a magnetic strip for metal items

Your shed’s walls are excellent places to organize small metal items like hooks, screwdrivers, and pliers. You can attach a magnetic strip on your walls to keep these items within arm’s reach and to avoid losing them.

Use shelves and racks

These classic shed organizers are indispensable in keeping your tools and supplies in their proper places. There are companies in Australia that specialize in making high-quality storage solutions for warehouses and workshops. You could simply buy these organizers from them if you can’t create them yourself.

Label your materials and supplies

While this may seem like overkill, you could actually save precious time since you or a helper could easily locate the specific items that you need with these visual cues. You should use high visibility labels for easy identification, like spray paint or coloured tapes.

If you’re working in a garage with other people with similar items, labelling your tools is a great way to track them and to avoid mixing them up with other workers’ tools. Metal etching is another great way to mark your tools, albeit permanently.

Use different rack types

organized closet

Racks are great items to have for shed tool organizing since they are relatively cheap. You could create a simple shovel rack to hold your rakes, shovels, and other tools with long handles. You could also make your own plywood rack or lumber rack, depending on which of these supplies you need for your projects.

Install pegboards

If there is one truly versatile and handy organizer that you could have for your workshop, it would have to be a pegboard. Pegboards can be used to hang bolts and nuts, cordless hand tools, hammers, and other workshop items. You may choose from metal, plastic, and wooden pegboards and build them using different configurations.

Use drawers

Aside from racks and shelves, drawers are another excellent means of keeping all your workshop tools and supplies properly organized in a single place. There are lots of ready-made storage drawers that you could buy or you could just make one yourself.

With these awesome and simple hacks, there’s no excuse to have a shed that’s messed up. Keep in mind that how you organize your workshop reflects your personality and the kind of work ethic that you possess. It pays to keep things orderly and you should heed these organizing tips for a safe and tidy workplace.

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