Things to Keep in Mind for Your Long Drive

Going on business trips used to be so easy. Just book a flight and a hotel, and you’re good to go. But since most airports were temporarily shut down due to the pandemic, you might be left with no other choice than to endure the long drive.

Traveling interstate for a business trip? Here are some tips to consider for a seamless trip!

Get a lot of sleep

You wouldn’t want to start your journey feeling tired and sleepy. And caffeine can’t keep you awake for a long time. Get plenty of sleep before going on a long drive to protect yourself and others from accidents.

If you fail to get enough sleep, you will be prone to microsleep which can get you and others in danger. If your travel is scheduled the next day, get at least seven to eight hours of sleep to ensure that you are focused and energised the next day.

Inspect your car

If you are going for a long drive, the first thing you need to check is your car’s condition. Check for any damages, particularly the engine oil and the oil filter. These things should run smoothly to avoid any unwanted car breakdowns. During your journey, the last thing you want is your vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road.

Check your car’s battery to ensure it has enough charge to last the round trip. Car wipers should be properly working, too, so you wouldn’t have any visibility issues. Your car’s air conditioning unit must be in pristine condition as well, for comfortability during the long drive.

Expect the worst and prepare for it by bringing spare tires. You can also bring an air compressor to pump up your tire if it gets too deflated. If you frequently travel a lot, consider an air compressor filter added to keep oil, moisture, or dust from contaminating your air compressor and lengthen its durability.

Rest stops

Driving can be very exhausting. It would be best if you planned your rest stops to re-energise and keep your focus. If the drive will take many hours, it’s best to have a rest stop every two hours or at least every 200 km. It may also be a good time to take a meal or a bathroom break. This is one of the most crucial parts of your journey, so do not forget to take a break!

Bring snacks


Roads can get congested in a matter of minutes, so having snacks and water can help you save time from unnecessary stops. Bringing snacks and water can help you stay awake too. Be careful not to drink too much water, though, as it will affect the times you need for a bathroom break.

Bring emergency and first-aid kits

Since you will be traveling long distances, it’s best to keep first-aid and emergency kits in your car. You will pass through unfamiliar towns and roads, so it is best to stay alert and prepared if something happens.

You can make your own first-aid kit or buy pre-packed kits. These are available online can be purchased for $20 to $50. Aside from first-aid kits, it will also be helpful to keep an emergency kit such as a flashlight, flares, small fire extinguisher, reflective triangles, jumper cables, rope, and multi-tool knife, among others.

Prepare important documents

Besides the business documents you need for your business trips, prepare hard copies of car documents you need, such as registration and insurance policy. If the car is rented, have the pertinent documents ready too.

Have fun

Who says you can’t have fun during the trip? When you pack for your trip, make sure to pack along some good music and maybe even some audiobooks to keep you company during the drive. It will definitely make the trip more enjoyable and bearable, especially if you are traveling alone.

Follow traffic rules

This is something that should go without saying. However, many of us are prone to breaking simple traffic rules. You wouldn’t want to be stopped by a police car because you beat the red light. Obeying traffic rules can save you time, money, and energy.

Also, even if there are not many cars on the road, keep the car within speed limits. If you are worried, you won’t make it on time for your meeting, prepare ample travel time considering traffic congestions.

Be mindful of road signs too. Remember, drive safely! Your and other’s life depends on how well you behave on the road!

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