Pervasive Misconceptions About Commercial Window Cleaning

Utahn commercial property managers continually explore ways to reduce expenses, and window cleaning is often seen as a waste of money. This notion could not be more wrong.

Yes, skipping window washing in Salt Lake City, Provo, Manti, or Heber City can minimize building maintenance costs, but it does not necessarily produce positive results. Getting your commercial windows professionally cleaned promotes good health, enhances productivity, and increases curb appeal.

Anyone who is not a believer in professional window cleaning probably shares at least one of the misconceptions below:

Nobody Cares About the Look of Windows

You and your employees might not care about the appearance of your windows, but your clients may. Dirty glass units create a negative impression and paint your business in a bad light.

Outsiders can connect the look of your filthy windows to the way you run your business. If you are hoping to seal a deal with an important client or attract promising talents, the sight of unsightly windows might turn off the other party.

Rain Washes Windows Clean

It is actually the opposite. The rain can make the windows seem less clear because of the presence of minerals in the water. When the H2O evaporates, the minerals are left behind in the form of white films that affect the view and the quality of light streaming into the interiors.

Furthermore, wet glass attracts dirt. The water also mixes with the existing dust on the pane, so the rain can leave more unappealing marks on your windows.

Windows Get Dirty Quickly

Cleaning a dirty windowWhile it is true that windows accumulate dust regardless of the frequency of cleaning, but not washing them at all only makes them dirtier over time.

To reduce the chances of pollutant buildup on the glass, professionals can apply a sealant to the surface of the pane. This invisible barrier makes windows more resistant to dust and dirt, allowing them to look cleaner for longer periods.

Professional Cleaners Are the Same

No, some cleaners deliver better jobs than others. Not all professional cleaning company employ the right techniques and use property equipment to avoid leaving residues on the glass.

Inexperienced crews might not be able to finish the cleaning project fast enough to minimize the disruption it can cause to your operations. Also, hiring an unreliable cleaner can cause safety incidents resulting in severe injury or property damage. Without having insurance, your company will be held accountable for the accident.

Window Cleaning Is a Cloudy-Day Job

Ideally, windows should not be washed in direct sunlight to keep the chances of staining to a minimum. But capable cleaners know how to get the job done right no matter what the weather condition is. A window cleaning company worth its salt observes best practices for safety and efficiency.

You can only procrastinate commercial window washing for too long. Eventually, you can no longer put it off. As an essential aspect of building maintenance, make it a point to tackle it regularly to improve how your building looks and works.

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