Organize the Perfect Product Launch Event Using These Elements

Big brands unveil their new products to the public through a launching event. This event usually involves a speech by the company’s CEO, telling the attendees how the product was developed, to whom it’s marketed, and why it’s beneficial. After that serious corporate session, the fun part begins, where the event’s attendees can try out the new product. Later on, a party may commence, which is of course the highlight of the event.

Product launches are essential to every brand. It brings attention to your new product, creating hype that can turn into sales. The event is also your chance to communicate with your market, reminding them of your brand’s promise, and what it means to you to fulfill them. However, not all product launches result in success. If the attendees weren’t impressed by the program, they may feel bored and leave right away, regardless if your product is a major scientific breakthrough or a simple life-hack item.

Despite your moving speech, your event may still flop because it failed to achieve the most important objective: Keeping attendees engaged. A product launch event is also a social gathering in addition to a corporate event, so as such, it must maintain the attendees’ engagement and excitement.

To prevent a launch that disappoints, take note of these elements that make up the perfect, buzz-worthy product launching:

1. An Ambiance that Matches the Objective of Your Product

Your product launch event should have an objective, ideally one that matches your new product’s objective. For example, if you’re launching a new mobile app, the ambiance of your event should appeal to a tech aficionado. Think of sci-fi- or steampunk-inspired themes. The event styling should capture the vibe of your new app. That way, your product launch will evoke the feelings the product itself induces.

If your product is a cosmetic, such as a new makeup collection, set up vanities around the event’s venue. It would make the attendees immediately get an idea of your product’s benefits, aside from the obvious, of course. For example, they’d figure out that your new makeup is your most high-end collection yet, because of the luxurious vanity setup.

Creating an ambiance for your event is simpler than you think. Start by identifying the goals of your new product, then work around it.

2. The Right Venue

If you’re launching a new swimsuit collection, it won’t make sense to hold the event in an indoor, air-conditioned ballroom. Your product launch’s venue is crucial in achieving the event’s goals, too. Pick the wrong place, and you’ve already failed to engage your attendees.

But aside from the venue’s appropriateness, its accessibility and traffic flow also matters highly. The place should have a spacious entryway, easy-to-locate exits, and sufficient parking. If your overlook these factors, your attendees and vendors may face a logistical disaster, like guests losing their way to the venue, or your styling team not being able to fit a furniture piece through a door.

3. A Creative Way of Presenting the Product

new product launch

Even if your event’s attendees already know what product you’ll be launching, they still want to be surprised. So don’t deny them that experience. For example, if you’re launching a new lavish product collection, like bags, shoes, and clothing, draw anticipation from the attendees by welcoming them in a dazzling red carpet walkway, then having them sit at luxurious tables fashioned like fancy sitting rooms. Right then and there, they’d already feel the mood your new products will invoke in them.

And then present your product in an unexpected way. Take inspiration from Burt’s Bees lipstick line called Shades. Shades was presented by ten artists creating unique artworks using nothing but lipsticks. Like Burt’s Bees, think of a stunt that will introduce your products creatively. You can invite a musician, acrobats, dancers, or even pets (if you’re launching a new pet-care product). Just skip the cookie-cutter way of presenting new products, which is literally unveiling it.

4. Incentives are Offered

A product launch isn’t organized just to introduce a new product. It should also sell the product right off the bat. So, encourage purchases by offering incentives to those who will buy on the launch date. That’s usually discounts, gifts with purchase, and promotional item giveaways. The event’s goal, in addition to evoking certain emotions, is to make the attendees spend their money on the spot.

5. Celebrities

Influencers and other celebrities should also make an appearance at the event. Their attendance will encourage the people on your guest list to show up. You don’t have to make the celebrity perform or deliver a speech. Just let them be like everyone else, anticipating the product’s release just as excitedly. That way, the rest of the attendees can feel as though they’re at the same level with that celebrity for a day.

With these five elements in your launching event, your new product will make it to the headlines and be the hot topic for more than a day. Plan it meticulously, because pulling off something this epic won’t be an easy feat.

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