Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing

Are you beginning to get frustrated with your home plumbing system? All homeowners will face some problem or other with their plumbing, at some point—from leaky faucets to busted pipes, plumbing issues range from easy-to-fix to gargantuan jobs. But, no matter the size and nature of the issue, any time there is a problem with your water supply at home, it’s always a huge hassle. Here are some common questions about home plumbing and their answers, to better prepare you for whatever may come your way

If I Go Away on Vacation, Should I Shut My Water Off?

If you are creating a to-do list to prep for your vacation, you should add “turn off the water.” While it may seem like a strange thing, it is a proactive safety measure that you should take. While your plumbing system might be alright for now, who knows what could happen while you are away? Your pipes could get backed up, spring a leak, or worse, burst. You can avoid a whole world of problems by simply shutting off the main water supply valve before you go.

Why Is There No Water Flowing from My Faucets?

If you notice that you have weak water pressure or there is no water flowing from the faucets, then the problem might be from your well pump. Your well pump is the heart of the system since it extracts the water from a well. If it is faulty or broken, then you might notice differences in your water pressure —you either have little or none, both of which are annoyances to your daily routine. It would be best if you found a professional who offers services for well pumps in Utah to check on and replace or repair your well pump.

Why Is the Water Cloudy?

If your water resembles milk when you open the tap, it could stem from several reasons. If the water smell makes you think of rotten eggs, then there is likely hydrogen sulfide in the water. Sulfur bacteria live in wells and plumbing systems, and they make hydrogen sulfide gas that gets trapped in the water. Have your water tested—if there is sulfur, get a professional to look into the situation. If dirt is making your water cloudy, use a heavy-duty sediment filter. If it’s just air bubbles making the water cloudy, those are harmless, usually appearing because of cold weather.

Why Are My Water Bills High?

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If you noticed that your water bill is higher than usual and you have not used more than your normal consumption, then you need to check for leaky pipes. If you water bill spikes, leaks are usually to blame, and leaks could lie anywhere in the plumbing system. For instance, you could have a leaky line, irrigation, faucets, toilet, etc. that is wasting your water and potentially damaging your home. If you have old fixtures, such as faucets, appliances, toilets, etc., it may be time to replace them. They are not efficient, and they could be the reason you have a higher water bill. Moreover, with a reported looming global water crisis, water is definitely a resource that we must all protect.

If you think you have a plumbing problem in your home, you need to figure it out right away. These FAQs should be of help in your troubleshooting efforts, but, when in doubt, call the experts.

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