Choose a Tipulator for Heavy Hauling and Materials Transport

Construction firms, quarries, and trash collectors all depend on their trucks for hauling. Among these, tippers are some of the most iconic trucks with their distinctive bodies. Gravel, sand, soil, asphalt, grain, produce and even manure are transported with the use of tipulators. These truck bodies simplify the hauling process. The cargo can be loaded onto the tipping body in any of a number of ways, and then unloaded by tipping the back. Let’s take a closer look at this dependable hauling tool.

Truck Body

The tipulator truck is like any other normal truck, with a front steering, a powerful engine, and at least two axles. Larger truck bodies may have three to five axles. The main feature of this type of truck is the tipping body. Typically, the dump bed has a high back and a hydraulic lift which attaches the body to the frame. The lift mechanism has a power take-off system where it draws power from the truck engine. Tipper trucks vary in size from small trucks with only two axles, up to models which can haul about five tons. Small or mini tippers can carry up to 2 cubic meters of sand, gravel or soil. Larger two-axle vehicles can haul up to 15,600 to 18,000 pounds of material per load. Three axle dump trucks can carry up to 40 tons or more. Outwardly, most tipper trucks look the same as any other trucks, until the load is dumped.


man closing the sdie of a tipulator truck

Materials are loaded onto the dump bed in the normal way for the cargo. These can be scooped onto the dumb bed with the use of a backhoe, or a loader, or even with the use of a crane, or a grain funnel. For small trucks, the material can also be shoveled onto the dump bed. The tipper’s advantage is not in loading materials to the dump bed, but in unloading it. Unloading entails positioning the back of the truck where the materials are to be dumped. The hydraulic lift is located under the truck body and it lifts the bed backward dumping the materials it carries to the ground.

The use of tipper trucks is a good fit for construction, trash hauling, as well as gravel and sand deliveries. These work well for neighborhood refuse collection, including hauling away fallen branches, or debris from home construction. Quarries and long distance hauling of loose materials, including asphalt, grain, gravel and sand make use of heavy-duty dump trucks.

Truck rental companies have tippers in different sizes, and users can choose according to their hauling needs, and limitations. When deciding on the size of the truck, the user should consider the volume and weight requirements. There are some materials which are bulky but relatively lighter than others, on the other hand, there are some heavy load loose materials.

The ease of loading and unloading make a tipper truck ideal for operations or projects where there is a lot of material to haul. There is less time spent on loading and unloading. The turnaround time is shortened, and the truck can be on the road again for the next hauling job.

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