Build on User-Generated Content

Content still remains as the major factor that determines the fate of websites and blogs. Without it, a site will drop in ranking and fail to connect with audiences. You need to put in the effort and time to develop the videos, articles, and other types you publish.

However, you don’t have to do all the work because you can use some of the content your users create. Experts in marketing cite the following ways you can use, benefit from, and find user-generated content.

1. Search various social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other big name social media websites are great places to find users that publish content in line with your brand’s image and value proposition. Look for the hashtags used by users and determine if that person fits your message.

Study their profile and posts to determine if the content they share is something you can use. Read these posts, watch the videos, and ask for permission to use them or start a partnership. Reach out with an email and provide a win-win situation.

This approach allows you to create rapport with that user and connect with their audience. This strategy reduces the time and effort you need to reach a wider audience since you have an ambassador that can help you.

You don’t need a “celebrity level” influencer to partner with; just because a person has hundreds of thousands or even more than a million followers, it doesn’t mean they are the right person. Look for one that has a clearly defined audience and a strong brand identity that matches yours.

2. Set objectives

Seeing the numbers of influencers and their potential aren’t enough. A scattershot approach will lead to a dead end and overspending. Before you reach out to possible partners or use user-generated content, have clear goals in mind and make sure to follow them.

Some questions to consider when setting objectives:

  • Does this influencer or published content fit with your brand image?
  • What is your end goal? Is it to generate traffic or to convert visitors into sales?
  • Do you want to create a brand identity or strengthen one?

The answer to these questions will help you direct your strategy and use user-generated content effectively.

3. Create authenticity and trust

Team working on a website

Outsourced website content is one way to create an authentic brand image. Some users don’t bother or are immune to manufacture taglines and content deliberately made to sell and advertise.

User-generated content makes you appear authentic and trustworthy. When a visitor sees that you collected photos and videos or have an influencer that embodies your brand, they will feel differently about it.

They are likely to finish it first before making a decision or share it through their social profiles. You will appeal to their emotions through the sincerity of your message and approach to reaching out.

This will develop trust between you and your audience. Trustworthiness is an important factor when choosing a brand for buying products or using services.

User-generated content is a possible game-changer for brands that want to stand out. Use this to gain trust and appear authentic to your audience. Before reaching out, search for possible partners in social media and set goals.

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