Artists and Profits: 3 Ways to Make Money from Their Passions

The concept of “starving artists” is now a thing of the past. These days, more artists have stopped romanticizing the notion. They are now starting to realize that they need to make a profit not only to support their passions but to sustain their basic needs as well.

There are several ways artists can go about such an endeavor, a few of which connect to a business or marketing. Here are a few examples.

Craft Business

Making arts and crafts is a phase often tossed around, with many believing that the two parts are the same. While related, they differ in that art is a means of self-expression through painting and drawing. In contrast, craft pertains to any artistic activity that produces tangible items with various functions, like pottery or knitting.

Artists who are also artisans can profit off the products they make and can do so with ease, given how easy it is to set up online shops these days. Here’s a tip for those who are just starting in the craft business: it’s always best to focus on one type of product first, like jewelry, while establishing your brand and target market.

Doing so limits the materials you’ll need to make the products and allows you to focus on the quality of each item that you make. Once you have a stable customer base, you can gradually branch out into different things.

Merchandise Marketing

Companies look into the creation of merchandise to further promote their goods and services. Though most will have a creative team on hand, they’ll still need to employ the aid of a stellar screen printing and embroidery business to produce the actual merchandise. One example of how artists can enter the world of merchandising is by establishing their own promotional marketing company. Another would be to work in one that has long since been established.

On a slightly similar vein, merchandise marketing can also be done by freelance artists who wish to call more attention to their art. Whether they create original artworks or variations of fanart, artists can reproduce their creations through t-shirts, posters, stickers, standees, etc. Not only does this promote their art, but it gives them the chance to earn more profit as well.

Freelance Writing


Not everyone uses visual arts as their artistic medium. Some artists prefer to use specific arrangements of letters and words to portray their vision. Writers, as we call them, are just like visual artists and artisans in that they can profit off their craft through freelance work.

When freelancing, writers are technically self-employed and can choose any industry to work in. A popular choice is in marketing, given how lucrative SEO writing is. However, this isn’t the end-all-be-all for writers in modern times.

It’s also possible for writers to create their own blog, choose their topic of interest, and build up their reader base. Numerous have taken to fashion and beauty, while others write about their constant travels, sharing the cultural experience through words on a screen.

Profiting off art may take some time, but dedication to improving one’s craft as well as finding the perfect niche will significantly benefit artists who wish to make a living off their passions.

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