3 Tips for Making Your Aerial Videography Stand Out

With the invention of drones, aerial photography has become easier and more exciting. However, drones and other aerial photography equipment require special features to be able to shoot flawless images for that excellent film look. But how do you shoot quality aerial videography that will stand out from the rest?

If you are in Washington, you can find a good jib equipment rental company that will allow you to get great overhead shots to enhance your footage. This, in combination with drone shots, can add a new perspective to your videography. However, these aren’t the only things that you can do. Here are three tips that you can use to make your aerial footage to stand out.

Set the right frame rate

The first setting to adjust should be the frame rate. You can either go with 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second. Twenty-four FPS is the best for most aerial photography shots, and it will make your film look like a Hollywood feature. The best way to get the most out of your footage is to go for 4K or 1080p at either 60 or 120fps. This way, you can slow down the footage and have more freedom editing it later.

Find the best lighting

Just like shooting standard videos, the best lighting is needed to get high-quality videos. The difference here is that you can only achieve the best lighting in drone photography by watching the position of the sun. You can decide to shoot just after sunrise or just before sunset for dramatic footage that captures more detail. Shots during these times tend to have warm and ethereal colors that can make the footage dramatic. However, these aren’t the only times you can use your drone for aerial photography. You can use it anytime as long as you use the right camera settings and avoid shooting where sun rays might interfere.

Get a self-flying drone

white drone with camera hovering in a bright blue sky

Automated drones usually have an built-in stabilization mechanism that allows you to get better pictures. Besides, your focus will be on adjusting camera angles and getting the best footage rather than navigating the drone. When getting footage from low altitudes, a self-flying drone will be able to avoid obstacles along the way without destroying your footage. These drones are ideal, especially in footage where you have to follow the subject from one or more angles.

Getting the most out of your aerial photography equipment is essential for you to get quality footage. The tips above will be crucial when it comes to generating stunning footage from above the ground. Whether you are taking footage for your own consumption, social media, or during film production, you need a little practice and access to key tips that will help you record great footage.

You cannot get great footage if you don’t practice enough while taking aerial photography. Whether you are using a drone or jib equipment, take your time to learn different motions that you can implement for different objects. Check out forums and other tutorials that are readily available on the Internet for tips and tricks from other aerial videographers.

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